Programs: Special Needs Advocacy and Training

We will create environments for clinicians and their teams to serve the special needs population at the office level.

The numbers are staggering...
Only 2.7 percent of families with children with Autism say they have found dental care accessible from dentists willing and capable to treat their child.

Pacific Dental Services Foundation
Banjamin's Story

The Pacific Dental Services Foundation is committed to leading the charge in providing access to dental care for the special needs community. We will offer training and education to the general and pediatric dentists as well as their dental teams. In addition to provider and team training, family and caregiver training will also be offered to ensure patients are given proper oral care on a daily basis. Take home oral care kits along with in office sensory integration materials will also be provided through the Foundation. These tools will further enhance the success of the dental visit for not only the patient, but the caregiver and clinical team.

The Foundation will collaborate with leaders in the special needs community. Autism Speaks, A.T. Still University, American Academy of Developmental Medicine & Dentistry and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles will provide us access to physicians, researchers and parent support groups all committed to providing the best care for those with special needs.

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